Trusting her instincts has kept Mercy Belle alive. Her job as the head of Blue Belles Investigations has taught her to trust no one and nothing, except her own feelings. So, what will she do now that her feelings can’t be trusted? 

This current case has Mercy baffled. Her mind is screaming that something is wrong. She knows she should be running, but something about Archer Cross keeps pulling her back. Her reactions to Cross are bouncing between distrust and burning desire, making her indecisive. Her mind has every reason to distrust him, but her heart won’t let go. 

Archer’s life as a news man has brought him plenty of the wrong kind of attention. He knows that he is smitten by the feisty red-headed investigator, but she’s running hot and cold. And Archer likes it hot. 

Trouble is on the horizon. Can Mercy solve the case before it’s too late?



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