Appearances can be deceiving. Davina, the quiet, hardworking receptionist for Blue Belles Investigations has given up on the perfect family. She has her son, Logan, and that’s all she needs. She would do anything to keep him safe

Then Drew came along. From the very beginning she’s drawn to the tattooed courier, his eyes seem to fill the emptiness in her heart. He even loves Logan. Maybe she can have a happily ever after, after all?

Drew has a secret in his past, a big one, He’s lied about it to everyone, even Davina. But everything he’s tried so hard to leave behind comes to light when Logan goes missing.

Can they find Logan before the unthinkable happens? Can Davina look past the mistake he made so long ago and love the man Drew is now? Or has he forever lost his chance to love Davina.



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